San Francisco Giants Writers

Tweets from all around the City & County of #SF. Account monitored M-F 9-5. #SF led by @LondonBreed. Tweet non-emergency service requests to @SF311.

Henry Schulman


Giants beat writer for the San Francisco Chronicle. O Henry isn’t on my top-50 list of candy bars. @mlbnetwork and @KNBR correspondent. Proud (ugh) Golden Bear

Rusty Simmons


Rusty Simmons has been a staff writer for The San Francisco Chronicle since 2002. He plays a utility role, covering the Warriors, Giants, 49ers and A's.

(D) Freelance-recorder of unsafe practices. Our beautiful city needs checks & balances for laborers, fair practices, safe practices, no hate unfair enforcement.

Adrianna Tan


Product Director for @sfgov. Wife to @sabcatsilver. Indian Railways sleeper class expert

Emilie Miller


actor. writer. san francisco giants fan.

The official Film Office for the cinematic city of San Francisco. #FilmSF. Proud member of the @sfgov @LondonBreed family.

Jesse Biroscak


Dad • Practical govvie @MBTA • Past @MassGov @CityOfBoston @SFGov @SFBrigade • #CivicTech #ServiceDesign



Writer Extraordinaire..... and San Francisco Giants fan!

Jeremy M. Goldberg


Dep Sec for Tech & Innovation @NYGovCuomo • Fmr @NYCgov & Architect of #NYCx • Fmr @SFGOV @SFMOCI #STIR #CivicBridge • Fmr @CityofSanJose • #ManInTheArena

Ron Bellamy


Freelance semi-retired sports journalist. Struggling golfer. Husband. Father. Fan of the San Francisco Giants for a long, long time.

Anita Y Cheng


Empowering people with helpful content & design. Content & IA at @SFGov. Live-tweeter, opinions my own!

Tim Whitmire


Father, husband, writer, runner and workout group guy, lifelong San Francisco Giants fan.



Community Challenge Grant Program (CCG) provides resources to San Francisco community-led groups to make improvements to their neighborhoods.

San Francisco Office of Civic Innovation, making @sfgov more collaborative, inventive and responsive to San Franciscans.

to gather, celebrate & create on spaceship earth / founder @civicmakers / music @therealnumbers / past @accelasoftware @change @sfgov @stopwasteorg #civictech

Dan Fost


Freelance writer. Author of SF Giants baseball books; former tech columnist, San Francisco Chronicle.

Comms at @sfgov. Prev @twitter, @periscopeco. California girl. Bottled in the south, aged up north. White silence is violence. #technews #veryblack #persistent